Network Capable Projector
Network Capable Projector For Serious Business Presentations

Network Capable Projector For Serious Business Presentations

Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Limited today announced the launch of the new addition to its network LCD projector line-up - the VPL-PX40. Designed for serious business presentations in any environment and lighting condition, the new projector offers an outstanding brightness of 3,500 ANSI-lumens and a high contrast ratio of 700:1.

The projector incorporates three newly developed 0.99-inch XGA LCD panels and a 265 W UHP lamp, providing superb image reproduction with extremely high contrast ratio. The VPL-PX40 features Sony's original Digital Signal Processing technology that ensures the projected images in high accuracy and clarity. Its built-in 3D Digital Gamma Correction circuit can simultaneously provide superb grayscale reproduction and help improve overall picture uniformity. Another unique Sony technology it comes with is the Dynamic Detail Enhancer , which generates high quality images through the Interlace/Progressive conversion processor. The RGB Enhance function enables the projector to reproduce crisp, vivid images.

To provide the maximum security, the VPL-PX40 comes equipped with a password-authentication system that restricts any unauthorized use by setting a password. Additionally, the theft protection firmware enables the projector to automatically notify the administrator should it be disconnected from the LAN. With the direct power on and off function, users can skip the standby mode and turn off the projector immediately after the electricity has been cut off.

The network-capable projector VPL-PX40 can be controlled through a TCP/IP-based network, making it an ideal choice for offices and colleges installed with a Local Area Network. Users can simply search their presentation files from the projector anywhere on the connected network using the Remote Desktop function.

To further enhance its connectivity, the projector offers the most comprehensive set of inputs and outputs, including composite video, S-video, RGB video, component, analogue as well as digital computer signals. The VPL-PX40 is also ready for a variety of DTV signals.

The projector features a compact design that weighs 7.5 kg and measures 420(W) x 115(H) x 316 mm (D). The flexible installation capabilities enable the projector to be mounted on the ceiling or floor, or installed in a rear-projection system. It can be tilted upwards or downwards by 90 degrees, expanding its application possibilities.

For more information, about projectors and digital projection devices see dlp projectors.

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