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Christie first with brightest, wide-format LCD projectors

Christie first with brightest, wide-format LCD projectors

Christie, the visual leader in high performance displays, introduces the Christie LW40, and Christie LW25, a series of super-bright 16:9 LCD projectors for showing native 16:9 content in boardrooms, conference rooms, classrooms and training rooms. Purpose-built versions of these projectors are available for cinema advertising, lobby displays and alternative content.

The LW40 offers brilliant, crisp images at 4,000 ANSI lumens, while the LW25 delivers 2,200 ANSI lumens. Both projectors display 900:1 high contrast images in native 16:9 aspect ratio for projection on even the largest of cinema screens. The LW40 is ideal for screen width sizes up to 50 feet (15m).

Using three 1.2” WXGA (1366x768) LCD panels the LW40 and LW25 deliver images with 44% more pixels on screen than an XGA resolution projector displaying 16:9 content for the greatest image clarity. When displaying computer-generated presentations, the image can be centered on the screen in XGA (1024x768) wide format without changing the lens or cropping the image height.

Both LW40 models feature optional digital and analog interface modules including DVI, SDI and HD-SDI for the broadest signal compatibility. The LW40 is compatible with Christie’s new Real Color Manager (RCM) software that enables users to target and match the displayed color to specific gamma curves and reference monitors for a color-perfect presentation and real-life images.

Supported by a range of optional accessories and a full suite of eight optional lenses, the LW40 includes vertical lens offset. For cinema advertising, the LW40 lens mount provides 12-degrees horizontal image offset for a perfectly square image in standard cinema configurations with offset projection port locations.

The LW25 is designed for flexible set-up anywhere with a broad range of connectivity options. The LW25’s vertical lens shift and choice of five lenses (a short throw 0.8:1 fixed lens and four zoom lenses including an ultra-long 4.3-6.0:1 lens) provides image sizes up to 30ft (9m).

All Christie projectors are IP-addressable with the addition of ChristieNET, the preferred solution for networking projectors and other display devices. ChristieNET connects projectors and displays to any TCP/IP network to monitor and control vital functions such as remaining lamp life and operating temperature. ChristieNET enables IT managers to perform routine maintenance over any size network of connected devices enabling remote diagnostics and troubleshooting in real-time and with minimum downtime.

For more information, about projectors and digital projection devices see lcd projection tv.

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