Desktop Fixed Installation Projector
Desktop Fixed Installation Projector – Landscape Or Portrait

Desktop Fixed Installation Projector – Landscape Or Portrait

Portrait Displays, Inc., a global leader in visual enhancement software products for computer displays, announced its Pivot Pro software is bundled with NEC Technologies, Inc.'s, new GT950 desktop/fixed-installation projector. As a result, the GT950 is the first projector capable of either landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) orientations.

The GT950 has a unique ability - to be flipped on its side for viewing content that is designed for portrait orientation. When making a presentation, web pages, charts, and balance sheets are just a few of the documents that are best viewed in full-page, portrait orientation.

Pivot Pro software enables any laptop or desktop PC, running Windows 95 or later, to rotate the screen image to full-page portrait orientation, allowing the projected contents to be correctly displayed to the audience. "Projectors have long been used in board rooms and sales presentations, but none have offered the ability to project in full-page, portrait orientation. Until now, presenters needed to scroll the data for the audience. The GT950 solves this problem by operating in either full-page portrait or landscape orientation to project the content the way it was meant to be seen", said J. Michael James, President and CEO, Portrait Displays, Inc.

"Pivot Pro software provides GT950 users with unsurpassed projection flexibility," explained Don Fasick, Projector Product Manager for NEC Technologies, Visual Systems. "The vertical orientation allows customers in education, corporate, or government markets to be more dynamic with their presentation content while enabling the projector to fit in narrow spaces such as on a shelf or in a cabinet."

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