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Quietest Projector Canon Gives Presenters And Home Theater Users Something Big To Shout About

Quietest Projector Canon Gives Presenters And Home Theater Users Something Big To Shout About

Canon today announced its lightest, quietest and most versatile projector yet, the LV-S3 microportable projector. At a weight of only 4.9 lbs., this go-anywhere projector can be transported from the conference room to the living room and back or carried from classroom to classroom. Users can enjoy quiet-operation in the Silent Mode, which decreases the unit's noise level to a low 32dB, or brightness up to 1250 ANSI Lumens for improved viewing. Now more businesses, educators and home theater users can show off their best presentations or watch their favorite DVDs, while enjoying outstanding picture quality through Genuine Canon Optics.

"Whether it's taken out on the road to impress business customers, used in schools to add powerful visuals to everyday curriculum, or enjoyed in the comforts of home, the LV-S3 delivers outstanding value," said Yukiaki Hashimoto, senior vice president and general Manager, consumer imaging group, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a subsidiary of Canon Inc. "The new LV-S3 projector gives users more options than ever by combining Genuine Canon Optics with a compact, portable design."

Features include a 1.2X Genuine Canon Optical Zoom lens which projects a dramatic 100" theater-sized image from only 10.4 feet away, making it ideal for small spaces. Canon's LV-S3 is a native SVGA resolution (800 x 600) LCD projector with flexible connectivity for presentations from a laptop, digital camcorder, digital camera, DVD player, HDTV, VCR and more. Progressive scan circuitry converts a standard 480i/575i signal to Progressive, which enhances video and makes the LV-S3 ideal for home theater.

Businesses and educators will also benefit from the Presentation Kit, a remote control with USB Remote Receiver that can be used as a wireless mouse, and can control key projector functions commonly used during a presentation. The customizable logo display makes it easy to project a corporate logo at the beginning of a presentation.

"With the Canon LV-S3 projector, users will enjoy marvelous picture quality because of Genuine Canon Optics in a light, compact package that's great for displaying captivating images in the office, on the road, in school, or at home," added Hashimoto. For more information, about projectors and digital projection devices see multimedia projectors.

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