Digital Projector Or VGA Monitor
Digital Projector Or VGA Monitor – Handspring Visor Can Display Content Anywhere

Digital Projector Or VGA Monitor – Handspring Visor Can Display Content Anywhere

MARGI Systems, Inc., a leading provider of multimedia products for mobile computing, today announced the availability of Macintosh support for the Presenter-to-Go Springboard presentation module. Also newly available is the MARGI Mirror application, which allows the contents of a Handspring Visor handheld's LCD to be displayed on a digital projector or VGA monitor. The upgrades are available for download by registered MARGI Presenter-to-Go customers at

"This new software is a perfect fit for the education market," said Greg Springer, Chief Operating Officer of MARGI Systems. "Many schools are using Apple products and subsequently are left behind by technological advances aimed at the Corporate-Windows environment. We knew that Presenter-to-Go and the MARGI Mirror application were much too valuable a resource to limit their usage to Windows-compatible machines. The preliminary feedback from educators using the new software has been phenomenal."

"We have a strong base of customers that use Apple computers, and we're pleased that they now have the opportunity to utilize Presenter-to-Go and the useful MARGI Mirror application, ideal presentation solutions for students, teachers, and mobile professionals," said John Hurst, developer relations manager for Handspring. "The Presenter-to-Go module enabled by the Springboard expansion slot is the only XGA resolution graphics output available on the market today."

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