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SMARTer Kids grant reduces purchase price of NEC VT 460 projector

SMARTer Kids grant reduces purchase price of NEC VT 460 projector

The SMARTer Kids Foundation of Canada announces a US$600 grant for educational institutions to be used toward the purchase of the new NEC VT460 ultra-portable desktop projector. NEC Solutions, Inc. has created the 1500 ANSI lumen, SVGA projector specifically for the education market. The VT460 has a suggested list price of US$1,595 but with the SMARTer Kids Grant for NEC Visual Display Products, it has the groundbreaking price of US$995. Grants are also available for other NEC products.

NEC’s new VT Series projectors started shipping in February 2003 with one of the best price/performance mixes of any projectors to date. The SMARTer Kids Grant is an educational award that assists educators in the purchase of NEC visual presentation products for their classrooms. Available from the SMARTer Kids Foundation, the Grant helps K–12 schools and higher-education and technical institutions acquire technology by increasing its affordability and accessibility.

“We are pleased to offer school systems an affordable option to help students learn faster and achieve more through the use of visual display technology,” explained Bob Guentner, product manager for NEC Solutions America, Visual Systems Division. “The new VT460 projector is not only the most affordable projector available for the education market, but it’s also so easy to use that any student or teacher can set up and operate it in a snap.”

“Schools are rapidly adopting technology tools to help improve learning,” says Nancy Knowlton, executive director of the SMARTer Kids Foundation. “Low price points and educational grants are critical elements in the deployment of projectors in all classrooms.”

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