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MARGI Systems – Leave Laptops Behind

MARGI Systems – Leave Laptops Behind

Philips Creative Display Solutions is making it even easier for professionals on the go to travel light when having to give a presentation by working with Handspring, Inc. and MARGI Systems, Inc. to offer a new option in portable presentation solutions. Announced today at InfoComm International in Las Vegas, the program pairs Philips' ultra-portable UGO personal projector with a Handspring's Visorä handheld computer and the Presenter-to-Go Springboard module from MARGI Systems, to provide a compact and powerful presentation package - weighing in at only 3.5 lbs.

Philips' UGO personal projector is the lightest weight multimedia projector in its class, at 2.9 lbs, and is designed for the road warrior that needs to have his or her own presentation tools without a compromise in quality. When paired with a Handspring Visor and Presenter-to-Go springboard module, UGO delivers a power-packed presentation without the use of a laptop.

"Business travelers already face a variety of challenges when they are on the go, so we wanted to offer them a lightweight, easy to use and affordable solution to ease their presentation woes," said Marjon De Groot, director, product marketing for Philips CDS. "The result is a bundle with Philips, Handspring and MARGI."

The Presenter-to-Go allows users to connect directly to the UGO projector and make high-resolution presentations downloaded from their personal computers on to their Handspring Visor handheld. Using plug-in drivers, Presenter-to-Go compresses files from Windows-based programs into a format that can be transferred from a PC to the Visor. Up to 100 slides can be stored on the springboard module with 2MB capacity. Once transferred, users can connect the Visor to the UGO, select the Presenter-to-Go icon and make a professional-quality color presentation. A remote control is included, so that presenters can operate Presenter-to-Go from anywhere in the room. Slides can be rearranged and hidden, slide notes reviewed, and manual, automatic, or continuous looping modes may be selected.

Presenters can use all of Philips multimedia projectors, but currently a special promotion is offered on the UGO X-Lite (LC5141), the lightest projector from Philips projector range with 800 Lumens. In addition, the high contrast ratio of 800:1 gives these projectors sharp image quality and high picture performance.

The UGO features a protective lens that is embedded in the design, making it safe to transport and carry through airports, cabs, train stations and more. The sturdy design features a magnesium cabinet that is 20 times stronger than a similar product made of plastic. As presenters often have to work in changing environments, UGO has a short focus wide angle lens to deliver a big picture even in smaller rooms where the projection distance is short. It is also compatible with voltages, local video systems and main video formats from around the world making the perfect travel companion for both local and international trips.

The UGO series boasts Auto Image, a feature that ensures that the projected image is automatically optimized for the best picture quality. With features like digital freeze and digital zoom, portions of the image can be examined more closely. In addition, digital keystone correction compensates for any image distortion, especially when projecting at extreme angles. The projectors also have an integrated USB mouse that enables the presenter to control the mouse cursor of the PC using the remote control of the projector.

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