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Video Projector – World's Brightest

Video Projector – World's Brightest

Video Applications Inc., a leading supplier of technical staging services for live events, provided the new Hughes/JVC ILA-12K, 12,000-lumen video projector, for two separate December events.

The first, a Dealer Meeting for Mitsubishi Motors, was produced by Martin Brinkerhoff Associates and held in the new Performing Arts Theater at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. According to the Creative Director and Executive Producer of the event, Martin Brinkerhoff, “The capability of the 12K allowed us to bring to life a design that we have been tinkering with and developing for years, but until now have been unable to deliver due to the limitations of video projection.

“Initially, we were going to try to pull this off with multiple projectors; but as we started experimenting at Video Applications, we discovered a better solution with the new 12K. It allowed us to project an area large enough to have multiple discrete screens simultaneously active at various positions and depths on the stage.

“Essentially, we were able to have four different screen sizes: 15 x 20, 12 x 16, 9 x 12 and 7.5 x 10 moving in and out of the projected area in various combinations. All screen images were supported by a single 12K projector. We created the appearance of a constantly changing collage by using multiple screens which moved continuously during the performance,” stated Brinkerhoff.

“The production of the content side of this event was mind-bending in its complexity. Fortunately, the staging of the production was relatively simple. We rolled the 12K into the booth, configured it for a display area that was nearly as wide as the stage itself and let the continually changing look of different screen combinations play within the projected field.

“The projection provided the bulk of the scenic presence of this production and at any given moment there were at least three discrete active areas on independent screens within the single display of the 12K. The choreographing of multiple images moving between different surfaces which were flying in and out allowed us to create the appearance of a large broken-up videowall or multiple Jumbotron screens moving around the stage.”

Brinkerhoff further noted, “We were able to rely on the projection to accomplish the scenic presence while at the same time serving as the content delivery vehicle. This allowed us to achieve one of our design objective, which was to blur the distinction between scenic and content. Our primary message to this audience was centered on the idea of the‘alignment of independent parts’ and this design permitted a creative approach to the content which Mitsubishi felt dramatically enhanced their message.

We have partnered with Video Applications for many years because of their ability to bring the right solutions for our design needs. We have come to expect big things from them. This time, however, they outdid themselves. To me, the 12K represents video projection coming of age. The design possibilities that open up as a result of a projector like the 12K completely redefine the limits of what is possible in the world of business theater.”

The second December event where the unique capabilities of the new Hughes/JVC ILA-12K provided unprecedented performance was an HDTV demonstration conducted by Harris Broadcast for the Government of Mexico and TV Azteca on December 16, 1997.

Mexico City was the site of the first broadcast of HDTV in all of Latin America. Among the 400 dignitaries in attendance were the Mexican Minister of Communications and the President of TV Azteca, which owns over 200 stations throughout Mexico and produces Spanish-language programming which is distributed internationally. The Hughes/JVC projectors displayed several HDTV demonstrations including a“live” feed from a HDTV transmitter that Harris had installed for the event.

Harris is North America’s oldest and largest broadcast manufacturer. They are a leader in the development of DTV (digital television) technology and currently have agreements to provide DTV equipment to many of the US’ largest broadcast groups including: CBS, ABC, Cox Broadcast, Fox, Post-Newsweek and Tribune Broadcasting.

Harris’s future is heavily dependent on their success in the DTV arena. Building the HDTV production and transmission infrastructure will be an intensely competitive market where literally billions of dollars will be at stake as every broadcast entity in the world prepares for the coming conversion to the new broadcast standard.

According to Harris, “We are at a key stage in the development of this market. It is absolutely vital for us that our signals are handled and displayed with the utmost care because what is on the screen is our product. Therefore, we can settle for nothing short of the best projection image possible in order to effectively convey the capabilities and performance of this technology. HDTV and the Hughes/JVC ILA-12K were made for each other. For more information, about projectors and digital projection devices see video projectors.

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