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HD Projectors – Digital Projection To Exhibit New Home Cinema Projectors

HD Projectors – Digital Projection To Exhibit New Home Cinema Projectors

Digital Projection International, an Emmy Award-winning manufacturer of high performance projection systems, will demonstrate its newest DLP Cinema and home cinema displays at the CEDIA 2003 Expo in an exclusive screening room located at the Adam's Mark Hotel in downtown Indianapolis.

DPI will demonstrate its brand-new, 16:9 aspect ratio, 3-chip DLP™ MERCURY HD and single-chip DLP iVision HD as well as its HIGHlite Platinum HC home cinema display within three separate home theatre spaces. In addition, DPI will exclusively demonstrate the state-of-the-art in digital cinema technology via its DLP Cinema certified iS10 digital cinema projection system. The private, multi-venue showcase will allow dealers and systems integrators to experience the precise imaging characteristics of DPI's new home cinema projectors and witness the stunning imagery of DLP Cinema.

"Our exclusive screening room provides the perfect opportunity for CEDIA attendees to view our brand-new MERCURY HD and iVision HD projectors in an intimate setting", said George Walter, home cinema marketing manager of Digital Projection, Inc. "Further, we expect that our DLP Cinema demonstration at CEDIA will be a major event, since most CEDIA attendees haven't had the opportunity to view this impressive digital cinema technology that Hollywood relies upon."

DPI will also unveil another new product, the new Home MediaWall, a multi-million-pixel home entertainment and information display. DPI's Home MediaWall is a flexible, multi-source display tool with the ability to window up to four applications in one visually powerful, 3.25:1 aspect ratio image.

"Our new Home MediaWall systems are amazingly capable," said Mike Levi, president of Digital Projection, Inc. "The MediaWall is the solution for customers who wish to view or interact with multiple mediums and information formats at the same time and in the same media space. Our Home MediaWall brings the diverse interests of each family member onto a common platform and truly enhances the meaning of the digital family."

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