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Presentation Projectors – Christie Releases New Networking Solutions

Presentation Projectors – Christie Releases New Networking Solutions

Christie is releasing a new series of ChristieNET networking solutions to expand the functionality of its successful line of professional and business presentation projectors. ChristieNET is available in three versions including the NOW SHIPPING ChristieNET Expanded Edition and Projector Organizer, and the wireless-controlled Enterprise Edition.

ChristieNET Projector Organizer is an add-on module that enables control and set up of a projector via a network. A user can access the connected projector using a web browser on a computer, to adjust any function of the projector. Projector Organizer is currently available for Christie projectors that feature a Projector Organizer terminal, such as the Vivid LX33 and LX41 projectors.

ChristieNET Expanded Edition features an embedded web server and an SNMP agent in the Christie Connectivity Module that enables the monitoring and control of the display device in a SNMP managed network. Using the web browser interface, one can control a single projector over a network. The Expanded Edition includes Master Display Controller software that enables the monitoring and control of multiple projectors from a client computer or a server computer. MDC operates as a stand-alone management system that allows users to control and monitor display devices in networks, and can be used to complement an SNMP management system.

ChristieNET is a management system that connects all LCD and DLP-based Christie projectors to a network, enabling the monitoring and controlling of the projectors from anywhere in the world. ChristieNET is ideal for applications in corporate and small business, education, government and for dynamic signage installations. A ChristieNET solution allows for the monitoring of projector status such as remaining lamp life and projector temperature as well as facilitating routine maintenance, scheduling, remote diagnostics and troubleshooting help to prevent or minimize system downtime.

ChristieNET Enterprise Edition adds the ability to manage and send content to a projector over a wired or wireless network. Users can monitor and manage their display devices and also control content from any computer on the network or through the convenience of a wireless PDA. Multiple users are able to collaborate on the same content as it is being displayed on the projection system. Leveraging the existing infrastructure, content sent over the network can utilize any application software an organization has installed on its computers.

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