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JVC receives $3 million order for QXGA projectors

JVC receives $3 million order for QXGA projectors

JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY announced today that it signed a $3 million dollar deal with Enterprise Broadcasting Corp. to launch a luxury high-definition theater experience in malls across the country. The initial purchase order calls for approximately 20 JVC D-ILA QXGA projectors (7000 lumens.) as well as 40 JVC 50" plasma displays.

JVC's QXGA projectors are specifically designed to offer film-like resolution of 3.15 million pixels (2048 x 1536) which make them ideally capable of displaying the entire spectrum of high definition television and also the demands of electronic cinema.

Mini-Theaters in Malls Across America

EBC was established five years ago, by founder and Chief Executive Officer Tom Wade who selected JVC's high-resolution QXGA projectors for use in the company's new commercial broadcasting concept which is scheduled to debut early next year. EBC is launching mini-theaters of extreme high quality audio and video in malls nationwide for the purposes of providing an alternate marketing medium for service providers, companies with intangible products and those offering distance learning. The theaters will be free to the public and will feature HDTV commercials on high-end products and services such as travel, cars, boats and sporting equipment like skis and snowmobiles.

JVC's QXGA Projectors are Best-In-Class

The EBC project selected Best-In-Class audio/video providers to ensure each theater has superior sound and image quality. JVC's QXGA projectors, which were announced recently at the INFOCOMM Show in June 2000, were selected for their unique ability to provide superior resolution and theatrical image quality. The QXGA projectors are the latest in JVC's line of D-ILA (Direct-Drive Image Light Amplifier) projectors, using a proprietary reflective liquid crystal device to achieve the highest resolution of any matrix device in the world.

EBC's initial purchase is for 20 projectors and the company plans on purchasing up to 1,000 projectors from JVC over the next 36-48 months for installations nationwide. Besides JVC, other partners in the venture include Dolby, JBL and QFC for sound and Grass Valley as the provider of high capacity servers.

Jack Faiman, Vice President of JVC's Digital Systems Division comments, "The JVC/EBC partnership is the culmination of more than 2 years of dedicated research and development. JVC has consistently delivered incredible video images and since the debut of our D-ILA technology we've been pursuing strategic partnerships on the use of the product. This is an exciting time for JVC, and in the next year as the QXGA projectors come to the market we expect to see huge demand for this product."

In describing the market need for a new HDTV-ready theatrical setting, Wade says producers have the capacity to create HDTV product but no realistic outlet for their goods. He argues that EBC's mini-theaters will take the lead from network and cable television stations in absorbing the new HDTV content being generated by small production studios. "A common complaint among broadcasters when trying to justify the cost of HDTV is that advertisers won't pay extra for commercials in high definition. However, HD is going to unleash a whole new type of programming, very much like what cable did."

Pete Zeidler, Director, Business Development for JVC agreed, "EBC's mini-theaters provide a unique forum for this HDTV content and allows HD to do what it is most capable of doing - enticing and arousing viewers. JVC is able to display awesome HDTV images with D-ILA projectors offering the highest resolution available combined with 1000:1 contrast ratio and excellent colorimetry."

Wade concluded, "JVC has demonstrated its ongoing commitment to the industry with the introduction of new products that meet the changing needs of the HDTV community. JVC is exactly the type of Best-In-Class partner we're looking for."

EBC's goal is to expand the shopping experience for non-traditional shoppers (men) by showcasing services and products in a relaxing but high-impact setting. Using HDTV programming, EBC theaters will be very entertaining and educational and will warm the market for purchase by truly showing the products benefits (as in traditional infomercials) and by stimulating the purchase option of those products as the viewer is already in the sales arena .

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