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JVC Home Theater Systems – High Resolution

JVC Home Theater Systems – High Resolution

JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY today announced the availability of the DLA-HX1U projector. The latest JVC three-chip D-ILA projector delivers the highest resolution in its class (1400 x 788) with a native 16:9 aspect ratio for a true high definition home theater experience.

Using three reflective 1.1-megapixel WXGA-PLUS 16:9 Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier chips gives the DLA-HX1U superior color reproduction, better gradation and smoother images over its single-chip counterparts. Three-chip D-ILA projectors utilize three separate RGB panels inside the unit to continuously produce full-resolution color images; whereas a single chip projector alternatively displays red, green and blue images and relies on the human brain to integrate them into the color picture. JVC’s D-ILA three-chip projector features superb color reproduction and is free of flicker and rainbow effects.

“Our products have traditionally been oriented toward professional customers and professional applications,” explained Edgar Shane, product manager of JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY. “But consumers that build or have high-end home theater systems installed prefer to buy and use high-quality, professional-grade audio and video components. With the DLA-HX1U, we can offer the high end performance D-ILA projectors are famous for at a moderate price.”

D-ILA Chips Make a Better Home Theater JVC’s unique reflective D-ILA technology provides tighter, more closely spaced pixels that provide a higher aperture ratio. Since the gaps between pixels are not noticeable, the picture is extremely smooth and offers both film-like resolution and accurate reproduction of natural colors. Unlike transmissive liquid crystal technologies, D-ILA projects cinema-quality images that are free of any visible pixel grid or “screen door effect.”

The DVI-D Plug and Play interface provides direct-digital input with HDCP providing compatibility with set top boxes and advanced digital players. Coupled with the DLA-HX1U’s native 16:9 aspect ratio with high resolution (1400 x 788—1.1M pixels), users can enjoy high-quality HD and DVD image reproduction without degradation. Exclusive JVC technologies also provide the DLA-HX1U with both superior color and truer black reproduction. A unique optical engine and AG circuitry produce rich natural colors with better gradations and intermediate tones for a smooth, lifelike appearance.

JVC’s Digital Image Scaling Technology enhancer provides sophisticated de-interlacing and scaling algorithms for high-resolution reproduction of HDTV or DVD images. The DLA-HX1U accepts analog signals including 720p, 1080i, 1080/24sF~30sF and HDTV formats ensuring compatibility with DTV / HDTV signals. The DLA-HX1U offers discreet IR codes and separate on / off remote control commands allowing it to work seamlessly with multi-component control systems.

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