Projector Networking
Projector Networking – Pioneering Technology

Projector Networking – Pioneering Technology

NEC Solutions, Inc. is shipping the first MT Series generation of portable projectors to offer the pioneering NEC ImageXpress networking technology option along with numerous additional exclusive new technologies to give classroom, small auditorium and conference room users superior performance. With NEC ImageXpress™ technology, the MT60 Series, which includes the MT1065, MT1060 and MT860 can communicate continuously and in real time from a PC to the projector through a wired LAN system or a wireless system via Wi-Fi 802.11b. The wireless option lets users place their laptop anywhere in the room and switch between presentations on multiple laptops with the touch of a button for added versatility. Additional projector networking solutions allow online remote diagnostics and control by accessing the projector from in the room or a main command center, as well as the ability to receive email error notifications.

“The MT60 Series with NEC ImageXpress technology opens the gateway to true collaborative meetings and information sharing using portable projectors,” said Don Fasick, product manager for the Visual Systems Division at NEC Solutions. “Users also benefit from the superior image quality and robust feature set that have long been a hallmark of the MT Series, as well as from NEC’s industry-leading service and support.”

The MT60 Series includes NEC’s exclusive 3D Reform technology, which gives users horizontal, vertical and diagonal keystone correction unmatched in competitive products for perfectly square images when projecting from unusual angles. The MT1065 and MT1060 also feature automatic adaptive color correction to allow for more accurate representation of projected images when used with unique display material, even textured walls. An automatic focus lens on the MT1065 and MT1060 allows for switching between multiple screens with minimal user intervention to refocus the projector. With extensive aspect ratio control, users display on 16:9 screens with 4:3 signals and fill the screen without black sidebars.

The MT60s also include security features to help reduce theft and unauthorized access, including an option to enable a PC card security key that is required for projector access. Other security features include password protection, a cabinet control panel lock and security lock compatibility.

The MT60 Series projectors are one of the first to meet the latest government regulation requirements for power consumption and menu display. The projectors meet regulation ADA508, allowing for closed captioning, including a menu system that can be viewed by colorblind users. The MT60s also meet Executive Order 13221, the latest government requirement for standby operation, which consumes less than 1 watt.

The LCD-based XGA MT1065 and MT1060 and the SVGA MT860 weigh 13 lbs., and offer users brightness ratings of 3200, 2600 and 2800 ANSI lumens respectively. An extended life lamp option is also being offered for the MT60 Series for users who are looking for the most lamp life.

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