Ultraportable Desktop Projectors
Ultraportable Desktop Projectors – Rich Feature Set

Ultraportable Desktop Projectors – Rich Feature Set

NEC Solutions, Inc. today raised the bar in projector value with the introduction of its latest affordable, high-performance ultraportable/desktop projectors, the VT460, VT560 and VT660. “The new VT Series projectors give users higher performance and a richer feature set than any product in their class—and the backing of NEC’s industry-leading warranty program,” said Bob Guentner, projector product manager for NEC Solutions America, Visual Systems Division. “With intuitive color-coded inputs and direct-access buttons, one-touch setup, and automatic keystone correction, the new projectors are also so easy to operate that even novice users can plug and project in three seconds flat.”

The new projectors are the first in their class to feature automatic keystone correction, giving users the ability to turn the projector on and instantly get a squared image. Their direct-access keys for RGB, video and s-video let users switch between sources with the touch of a button. NEC’s Advanced AutoSense automatically synchronizes virtually any computer signal with the projector so no additional adjustments are required. And thanks to the new projectors’ short focal lens, users can position the projector closer to the screen and still get a large image, making them perfect for small meeting rooms as well as larger environments.

The new VT460 gives education, government and business users a bright 1500 ANSI lumen SVGA projector ideal for classroom, meeting room and general purpose use. The 1300 ANSI lumen VT560 features XGA resolution, and for applications requiring greater brightness, NEC offers users the 1700 ANSI lumen, XGA resolution VT660. All three projectors are a portable 6.6 lbs. and feature superb video quality thanks to NEC’s VORTEX Technology Plus, which makes them an attractive option for low-cost home entertainment and multi-purpose use in addition to office and training applications.

Whether the display source is a DVD player, VCR, game console or a computer, the new VT Series projectors are up to the challenge. The projectors offer tremendous flexibility, supporting computer resolutions from SVGA through UXGA and supporting an array of video sources including HDTV, component video, s-video and composite video.

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