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NEC Tech projectors to be used at American Society of Cinematographers awards

NEC Tech projectors to be used at American Society of Cinematographers awards

NEC Technologies today announced that its TriDigital HD6K projectors will be used at the American Society of Cinematographers’ 16th Annual Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography this Sunday, February 17 in Century City, Calif. This is the third consecutive year that NEC Technologies projectors featuring TriDigital Image Processing will be used at the event. TriDigital Image Processing takes content that would otherwise appear as simple video and reproduces the feel of film within the digital domain, making these projectors ideal for postproduction, screening room and entertainment venue applications.

"The NEC projectors have worked well for us because they are so small and quiet that they hardly take up any space at all and cause no interference," said ASC Chairman Owen Roizman. "We've been able to get a consistent look among the four screens and the image quality is excellent."

The four NEC HD6K projectors will display clips from award nominee films and show career retrospectives of the lifetime award winners. They will also project live video of presenters and winners at the podium, providing a more intimate experience for attendees seated far from the stage in Century Plaza's vast Los Angeles Ballroom. The ASC Awards honor cinematographers as well as other individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the art of filmmaking. Past award winners include Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Warren Beatty, Jodie Foster, Gregory Peck and Sally Field.

"NEC Technologies is honored to provide projection for the ASC Awards again this year," said Steve Jackson, director of product development at NEC Technologies. "We welcome the opportunity to help honor some of the greatest artists in cinematography today--and to show our TriDigital Image Processing technology to the keenest eyes in the film community."

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