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NEC Overhead Projectors – Integrated Solutions

NEC Overhead Projectors – Integrated Solutions

NEC Solutions, Inc. today introduced the DT20, giving users the functionality of separate digital and overhead projectors in one product for streamlined hardware needs and increased convenience and space conservation. The projector’s integrated document camera also enables direct overhead projection of documents and 3D objects for superior versatility in classroom, corporate training room, engineering, courtroom and law office applications. The DT20 follows the DT100, the industry’s first integrated five-in-one projector, as the next generation in NEC’s DT Series line of multi-function projectors.

“The DT20 lets teachers, lawyers, professionals and engineers meet their display needs with a single product, eliminating the hassle of switching between separate devices,” said Joe Azzarello, product manager for Visual Systems at NEC Solutions America. “With the overhead and digital projector capabilities at half the weight of the devices purchased separately, and with one-touch setup and operation, the DT20 offers not only a flexible communication tool, but also the ultimate in convenience.”

The projector’s overhead projection feature uses a two-million-pixel single-plate color CCD camera for high-resolution and realistic original color production. Users can easily place documents, transparencies, or even 3D objects such as circuit boards, coins and lab objects onto the flat bed atop the DT20 and project the images onto the screen. The projector’s zoom capabilities allow fine text, circuit boards and other details to be easily enlarged without moving the projector, giving users the ability to adapt the image size to their satisfaction.

The 16-lb. DT20 produces a bright 2800 lumens of light for vivid data and video images in courtroom, classroom, and conference room applications. Its AccuBlend technology allows for projection of non-native resolution sources up to UXGA.

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