Portable Lcd Projectors
Portable LCD Projectors – Exceptional Data And Video Capability

Portable LCD Projectors – Exceptional Data And Video Capability

SANYO Fisher Company's Presentation Technologies Division, whose parent company is one of the world's largest manufacturers of LCD projectors, today announced the addition of the PLC-XT16 and PLC-XT11 to its family of multimedia LCD projectors.  Offering exceptional data and video capability, these units are ideally suited for any facility environment requiring impressive features and optimum flexibility.

Weighing less than 20 pounds, the PLC-XT16 and PLC-XT11 incorporate SANYO’s proprietary light engine and a 250-watt UHP lamp to produce an impressive 3500 and 2650 ANSI lumens, respectively.  The units also boast an XGA native resolution of 1024 x 768 and a solid contrast ratio of 800:1 and 700:1, correspondingly.  In addition, the PLC-XT16 utilizes SANYO’s high-contrast optical system employing micro lens technology which results in dramatically realistic high-quality images. 

Adding convenience to performance, the PLC-XT16 and PLC-XT11 come equipped with SANYO’s new one-touch interchangeable lens system, making installation and removal of optional lenses, including short zoom and long zoom, quick and easy.  

Also, the PLC-XT16 and PLC-XT11 utilize SANYO’s newly developed progressive integrated circuit which provides highly improved playback of moving images.  1080 interlaced signals are converted into progressive signals while 2-3 pull down doubles the resolution of images from DVD playback.

Also available for the new projectors is the optional PJ-Net Organizer, SANYO’s new wired networking system, which provides advanced tools for the control and administration of one or more projectors from a single computer using a web browser.  With the Web Management feature, users can monitor functions such as power status, lamp status, input mode, signal condition, lamp-use time, and more.  E-Mail Alert notifies the network administrator if any system failure occurs.

Both projectors are compatible with two of SANYO’s newest proprietary technologies:  the Wireless Imager and the Presentation Viewer.  With the optional Wireless Imager, the unit uses IEEE 802.11b technology to transfer data from the computer to the projector without VGA or control cables for the PC.  Wireless data transmission is possible up to a distance of 100 feet indoors or 660 feet outdoors using 11 Mbps transmission.  Real-time capture enables users to transmit images from any application software in short intervals, eliminating the need for conversion to JPEG files. 

For presentations without the PC, SANYO’s optional Presentation Viewer plays images stored on a compact flash memory card, making it ideal for users who must deliver the same lecture on multiple occasions.  Because no PC or computer skill is necessary, the viewer makes the projector equally accessible to the non-PC user.

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