New LCD Projector
New LCD Projector – Three New Modules

New LCD Projector – Three New Modules

SANYO Fisher Company’s Presentation Technologies Division, whose parent company is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of LCD projectors, adds three new optional modules to step-up the abilities of a significant number of SANYO projector models available.

Adding to the current PJ-Net Organizer, SANYO will also be showing the PJ-Net Organizer Plus, model POA-PN02.  This new option not only enables wired network monitoring, control and administration of an LCD projector, but it also allows the transfer of image data from a PC through the network to the projector.  The Image Capture Mode allows for real-time image capture and transmission.  In the Network Viewer mode, image data can be called up from a network server, converted using the included software, and controlled and presented on the networked projector.  The same image can be sent to up to 100 different projectors at the same time in both modes.

The optional SANYO Wireless Imager module, model POA-WL11, for image transfer and projector control, is capable of real-time capture, compression and transmission of image data from one PC to the projector.  The Wireless Imager can also handle transmission of image data from multiple PC’s to a projector, one-at-a-time. 

The optional Multi-Card Imager external module, model POA-BOX20, adds the capability of wired and wireless network image transfer for a number of SANYO ultraportable series projectors.  The interchangeable wired/wireless network cards also allow for network control/administration of the projector directly from a networked PC using only a web browser.  No additional software is needed.  Additionally, the Multi-Card Imager can become what SANYO calls a Presentation Viewer, utilizing images stored on a Compact Flash memory card for showing directly on a SANYO projector.

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