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Silicon Optix image processor selected by Nexen for its home cinema projector

Silicon Optix image processor selected by Nexen for its home cinema projector

Silicon Optix Inc., a fabless semiconductor company focused on the convergence of silicon and optics, announced today that Nexgen Mediatech Inc. has selected the Silicon Optix sxW1-LX Advanced Image Processor for its CineX NHT-720 HD2 DLP home cinema projector. The projector will be marketed in North America and Europe principally through Nexgen’s OEM partners., in the USA and europeon markets.

The Nexgen home cinema projector is the first mainstream projector to offer Silicon Optix sxW1-LX AnyPlace™ technology, which provides flexibility in projector placement while displaying a high-definition image.

“We selected the Silicon Optix image processor for its unique AnyPlace technology, which adjusts for the vertical and horizontal projection angles to the screen, allowing users to place the projector anywhere in the room and still display a perfect image. This eliminates any need for room remodeling, and enables the projector to naturally blend into a room,” said Richard Houng, Vice President of Nexgen Mediatech Inc. “In addition to AnyPlace placement flexibility, the sxW1-LX delivers superior keystone and scaling image quality thanks to the Silicon Optix proprietary 65-tap image filter.”

"The worldwide front projection market is expected to grow from 1.3 million units in 2001 to approximately 2.8 million in 2004. Flexible projector placement is an important feature for future growth, offering greater ease of use, reduced costs of installation, and the ability to place projectors in settings that otherwise would not be possible,” said Sweta Dash, Director, LCD and Projection Research, iSuppli/Stanford Resources.

In addition to its AnyPlace technology, the Silicon Optix sxW1-LX Advanced Image Processor is capable of a full range of features including eWARP lens distortion correction and real-time geometry processing, high quality shrink and zoom, arbitrary image rotation, advanced color reproduction, frame-rate conversion, de-interlacing, and picture-in-picture display modes.

“Silicon Optix AnyPlace and eWARP distortion correction technologies are the key enablers that will help expand the market for front projectors,” said Dennis Crespo, Vice President of Marketing, Silicon Optix. “As the first mainstream projector to offer these technologies, we are confident that the Nexgen NHT-720 home cinema projector will be a tremendous success.”

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