Multimedia Projectors
Multimedia Projectors – 3M Offers Solutions In All Projector Categories

Multimedia Projectors – 3M Offers Solutions In All Projector Categories

At Infocomm 2000, 3M Visual Systems Division will showcase an unprecedented ten new multimedia projectors. The new projectors range from the personal solution for the frequent traveler, the portable unit ideal for flexible work environments, to the feature-rich conference projector designed for larger venues. 3M's expanded line of projectors boast the best combination of brightness, image clarity, weight, features and flexibility. As a recognized leader in meeting and presentation solutions, 3M continues to strive toward innovation in the meeting room.

"Great meetings are built on the best presentation technology," said John Griffiths, business unit manager for 3M Electronic Projection Systems. "3M is committed to providing the best selection of projection systems which fit the individual needs of presenters, whether it's a sleek personal projector or a multi-featured conference unit. Wherever you find a great meeting, you will find 3M."

Ideal for the traveling presenter, the 3M Personal Projector Series demonstrates top image quality and a range of features in lightweight packages. The 3Mô Personal Projectors MP7630 and 3M MP7730 are 3M's smallest projectors in the personal category. At just 5 pounds, they're a traveling presenter's dream. Both offer an optional AV adapter accessory that allows you to plug directly into your cable or TV antenna to catch the latest game or movie. They are also both FCC Class B certified for home use. The 3M MP7630 projects 700 ANSI lumens, while the 3M MP7730 projects 800 ANSI lumens. The 3M Personal Projector MP7760's wide-angle optical system and unique lamp design enable this projector to produce images with the highest optical efficiency. A powerful solution for business travelers, the 3M MP7760 projects 1,200 ANSI lumens while packaged in a 6.5-pound, stylish design. The 3M MP7630, 3M MP7730 and the 3M MP7760 all feature Digital Light Processingô (DLPô-), a Texas Instruments technology. The 3M Personal Projector MP7640 employs LCD technology and weighs only 5.5 pounds. Other features include a wide-angle lens, digital keystone correction and intelligent image scaling.

Presenters and meeting leaders looking for flexible solutions rely on the 3M Portable Projector Series. The 3Mô Multimedia Projector MP8720 and the 3Mô Multimedia Projector MP8747 are equipped with industry leading feature sets such as USB connectivity and intelligent image scaling for optimal image quality for small- to medium-sized conference rooms. Ideal for educators who deliver presentations in medium-sized conference rooms and classrooms, the 3M MP8720 is a practical solution, offering 1,100 ANSI lumens and XGA resolution for bright and clear images. The 3M MP8747 weighs just 7 pounds and offers progressive video - which provides sharp, clear video images every time. Each of these projectors are light enough to move from room to room or from one location to the next with ease.

The powerful 3M Conference Projectors relay the best in presentation technology. Feature-rich and assured to provide top-quality presentations, the 3Mô Multimedia Projector MP8760 is a stellar DLP projector which provides true XGA resolution at 1,800 ANSI lumens, weighs 16 pounds, and delivers extremely bright, fine-tuned images for large conference rooms. Like the 3M MP8760, the 3Mô Multimedia Projector MP8745, the 3Mô Multimedia Projector MP8755 and the 3Mô Multimedia Projector MP8770 are ideal solutions for large-group presentations in conference rooms, auditoriums and lecture halls. The 3M MP8745 weighs 13-pounds, projects 1,500 lumens, and offers the popular picture-in-picture option. The 3M MP8755 offers presenters optimal image quality with 1,800 ANSI lumens and XGA resolution. The 3M MP8770 is a high-end, full-featured XGA projector that weighs 13 pounds and offers an astounding 2,200 ANSI lumens of brightness. The 3M MP8755 and 3M MP8770 both offer short and long-throw lens options.

The 3M MP7760, a higher-end 6.5-pound unit providing 1,200 ANSI lumens is available this month with a suggested retail price of $8,395. The 3M MP7630 without the adapter is currently available with a suggested retail price of $4,595. With the adapter the suggested retail price is $4899. The 3M MP7730 will be available in July and has a suggested retail price of $5,995. The 3M MP7640 will be available in August with a suggested retail price of $4,695.

The 3M MP8720 will ship in August at a suggested retail price of $6,395. The 3M MP8747 will be shipping in November at a suggested retail price of $7,995.

The 3M MP8745 is currently available and selling at a suggested retail price of $7,695. Shipping in September, the suggested retail price for the 3M MP8755 is $9,999. The 3M MP8760, shipping in July, has a suggested retail price of $9,495. The 3M MP8770 will also be shipping in September with a suggested retail price of $11,999.

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