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Touch Screen – Cost Effective Digital Cinema Projector Announced

Touch Screen – Cost Effective Digital Cinema Projector Announced

Designed to meet a growing demand for Digital Movie screenings in smaller Theaters and by Facility Houses for grading Digital Masters and Film Intermediates, the D-Cine Premiere DP30 has been equipped with a range of features that makes it particularly suitable for small locations and where DLP Cinema display standards are essential.

In common with the Barco D-Cine Premiere DP50 projector console the new DP30 incorporates all of the operator benefits of the company’s extensive COMMUNICATOR software set-up and RC567 touch screen control options plus all of the security, subtitling, color and contrast imaging benefits of the Texas Instrument DLP Cinema processing.

The ability to manipulate the color space, to download proprietary 3D Color Look Up Tables and thereby to match the look and feel of film, regardless of which film recorder or film stock is used, make the DP30 the first truly WYSIWYG projector in the Post Production market.

Though launched officially at ShoWest 2003 the projector has already been privately demonstrated to several of the worlds most renowned post houses and Exhibitors.

Comments Sjoerd De Clerck, Managing Director of Barco Digital Cinema "We have been very encouraged by the market reaction to the DP30. Exhibitors recognition of its price and performance benefits and Post Production praise of its color performance have confirmed our view that the DP30 will contribute significantly to the establishment of Digital Cinema this year".

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