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DLP Cinema Projectors – Barco Digital Cinema Provides Projectors For The First Digital Film Premiere

DLP Cinema Projectors – Barco Digital Cinema Provides Projectors For The First Digital Film Premiere

The Flanders Film Festival has chosen the ground breaking Belgian digital movie ‘Hop’ to open the 29th Festival event on the 8th October. Shot digitally using the new Sony CineAlta 24p digital film cameras first developed for the George Lucas Star War movies ‘HOP’ will be screened using the D-Cine Premiere DP50 DLP Cinema projector from BARCO.

D-Cine Premiere DP50

Funded by a consortium including both the Belgian French and Flemish communities and the Wallon region ‘Hop’ tells the story of a young illegal pygmy, confronting the Belgian authorities alone. Starring Jan Decleir; Antje De Boeck and Kalomba Mbuyi ‘Hop’ is written and directed by Dominique Standaert and, unusually, filmed mainly in Black and White.

Though shot digitally the movie will be released on 35mm for it’s release 16th October. However, for it’s premier screening on the largest of 5 screens being used at the Kinepolis Decascope on the 8th October, the Barco D-Cine Premiere digital projector has been selected to ensure the most consistent reproduction of the films demanding Black and White tones.

“Barco has been a faithful partner in the Festivals pioneering efforts in Digital Cinema notes”, Jacques Dubrulle, Festival Director, “and are particularly grateful for Barco’s support in our first digital premiere” adds Sjoerd De Clerck, Business Manager for Barco Digital Cinema “We are indeed honored to have been chosen to provide the projectors for such a significant Digital Cinema presentation in Flanders “.

The DP50 Digital projector used for the ‘Hop’ screening is the same type as used for the premiere of Star Wars ‘The Attack of the Clones’ at the Cannes Film Festival this year and now installed in more than 45 locations World Wide over last 6 months.

In addition to the D-Cine Premiere projector Barco is providing the Flanders Festival with e-Cinema grade DLP projectors for the screening of 5 other digital movies during the event – including the critically acclaimed digital film ‘Russian Arc’, as well as all of the projectors used for digital subtitling during the event.

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