Sanyo Lcd Projectors
Sanyo LCD Projectors – Record Breaking

Sanyo LCD Projectors – Record Breaking

SANYO Canada Inc's Presentation Technologies Division, whose parent company is one of the world's largest manufacturers of LCD projectors, showcases the record-breaking PLC-UF10 LCD large venue projector, the first of its kind in the world to achieve the highest resolution, brightness and contrast ratio. 

Touting the highest resolution available in an LCD projector today, the PLC-UF10 supports a native UXGA resolution of 1600 x 1200, which is 2.5 times larger than the standard XGA resolution typically used by most projectors in this class. In addition, the PLC-UF10 is hands down the brightest LCD projector in the world, achieving 7700 ANSI lumens, or when twin-stacked, nearly 15,400 ANSI lumens. Furthermore, by utilizing SANYO's new high contrast optical system, the PLC-UF10 achieves a remarkable 800:1 contrast ratio. 

The PLC-UF10 also integrates a super efficient optical system, which utilizes four high-output 200-watt UHP lamps to produce an industry-leading 7700 ANSI lumens while amazingly consuming less power thanks to its efficient lamp management system. The lamp management system allows the projector to control and monitor the status of each lamp individually, providing on-screen information. Therefore, users can utilize all four lamps or only two lamps to maximize lamp life or when high screen brightness is not required. Adding fail-safe operation, if lamp fails while either four or two lamps are being used, the PLC-UF10 will automatically switch to the matched pair of good lamps. 

Designed with the most advanced technology available today, the PLC-UF10 is ideal for digital high-definition systems, complicated CAD/CAM presentations, and even digital cinema. Because the PLC-UF10 offers a contrast ratio close to that of film, and can be coupled with state-of-the-art digital storage and playback systems, such as QuBIT by QuVIS, this unit is capable of film-like quality presentations. 

"SANYO clearly advances its technology leadership position with the development of the PLC-UF10," said Mark Holt, senior sales manager, SANYO Presentation Technologies. "No other LCD projector in the world offers this kind of resolution, brightness, and contrast ratio not to mention the advanced technology and features that clearly puts the PLC-UF10 in a class of its own." 

Furthermore, the PLC-UF10 incorporates the latest advanced digital interface technology. The unit includes a high-definition serial digital interface, frequently used in the broadcasting industry, as well as an IEEE1394 interface. The PLC-UF10 also features dual Digital Visual Interfaces to support full color UXGA resolution when connecting to computer sources. In addition, the projector supports DVI optical transmission cable, which enables long cable runs without signal degeneration. 

Additional advanced digital features found with the PLC-UF10, include:

"  Digital Keystone Correction: With a touch of a button, users can take advantage of SANYO's digital keystone correction feature, which compensates for angled projector placement, correcting trapezoidal images. 

"  Digital Signal Processing: Featuring pure digital processing circuits, including digital gamma correction, digital progressive scanning, and automatic color correction, the PLC-UF10 reproduces vibrant images with accurate color and precise details. 

"  HD Digital Progressive Scanning: SANYO's ASIC Progressive Scan circuit incorporates a proprietary algorithm to double both the vertical and the diagonal resolution of the picture, resulting in near high definition image quality from a standard signal.

"  Digital Realized Interpolation Technology (DRIT): SANYO's revolutionary and proprietary technology, which digitally reconstructs an image by either compressing or expanding it to make it compatible with the native resolution of the projector. 

"  Digital Realized Video Scaling: SANYO's advanced digital processing circuit and automatic color correction circuit work to together to ensure the highest color accuracy possible while dramatically enhancing image-edge detail.  For more information, about projectors and digital projection devices see dlp projector.

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