Eizo FlexScan Portable Projector
Eizo FlexScan Portable Projector – Compact Units Offer High Brightness And Leading Performance

Eizo FlexScan Portable Projector – Compact Units Offer High Brightness And Leading Performance

Eizo Nanao Corporation, manufacturer of the renownFlexScan series of LCD, CRT, and plasma monitors, today announced its expansion into therapidly growing LCD projector market with the release of two technologically advancedmodels ideal for mobile presentations. These two models, the FlexScan IP420U and theFlexScan IX460P, incorporate the user-friendliness, innovative features, and sleek designcharacteristic of the FlexScan series. The FlexScan IP420U is targeted at value driven marketswhile the FlexScan IX460P is ideal for users who demand the highest levels of brightness,features, and performance. Both models give professionals stunning images and wide selectionof features in a lightweight package for corporate presentations, government, and education.

“With these new releases we are expanding and strengthening our commitment to offering thefinest visual display solutions to the market,” said Minoru Kontani of Eizo NanaoCorporation’s Overseas Sales and Marketing Division. “Users will find that both projectorsmake it easy to deliver high-impact, powerful presentations.

”FlexScan IP420U and FlexScan IX460P Features

Both models provide compatibility with nearly every computer and video source includingPCs, Macintosh computers, S-VHS, NTSC, PAL, SECAM, and HDTV. An RS-232communication terminal facilitates transmission between the projectors and a peripheraldevice. Digital keystone correction compensates for any image distortion whatever theplacement angle of the projectors.

Digital Color Enhancer widens the color spectrum from RGB to include CYM and give theseLCD projectors a vast color range rivaling that of a CRT monitor. Each color can be adjustedindependently without affecting the hue of the other colors. This assures the colors shown onscreen are a faithful reproduction of the original data, even with pastels.

For attention getting presentations, a double motion picture-in-picture feature allows theprojectors to simultaneously display still or animated images from PC and video sources. Theimage from one source can be placed within another or displayed as a split screen for side-by-side positioning. With digital expand zoom, the user can select and expand any part of theimage to a full screen size. Video line doubler eliminates discontinuity problems with verticaland slanted lines for smooth motion video.

The ergonomically designed wireless remote control devices give the presenter completecontrol over the projectors and on-screen image with mouse and click button support. Theremote controls can even be used to operate the computer by connecting the computer to theprojectors through the USB or RS-232 inputs.

The FlexScan IP420U generates 1100 ANSI lumens of brightness while the FlexScan IX460P offers an extreme 3000 ANSI lumens, a brightness level high enough for a presentation even ina well lit room. High contrast ratios of 250:1 for the FlexScan IP420U and 400:1 for theFlexScan IX460P produce vivid, pure colors. Both projectors deliver horizontal scanning ratesof 15- 92 Hz at an XGA 1024 × 768 resolution with compression for a maximum of SXGA1280 × 1024. Compact and lightweight designs of 3.2 kg and 6.7 kg respectively for theFlexScan IP420U and FlexScan IX460P assure portability from one location to another forusers on the move.

The FlexScan IX460P incorporates several features to put it at the top of its class. A DigitalVisual Interface input supports the new standard for digital connectivity. This producesthe sharpest image possible by eliminating the analog-digital conversion previously required ofsignals received from computers.


The FlexScan IP420U and FlexScan IX460P are currently shipping and will be available ininternational markets in late November through EIZO’s network of international distributors.

For more information, about projectors and digital projection devices see dlp projector.

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