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Mitsubishi's Newest Projectors Top Of The Line

Mitsubishi's Newest Projectors Top Of The Line

Mitsubishi Electric, maker of award-winning, high-quality presentation and display products, announces that its newest projectors offer powerful features at an entry-level price. Perfect for professional presentations and home theatre applications, Mitsubishi's XL2U ColourView provides 1500 ANSI lumens and offers longer lamp life-up to 2500 hours-along with a two year warranty. Mitsubishi's new SL2U ColourView offers 1200 ANSI lumens and 2000 hours of lamp life.

The XL2U ColourView projects native XGA resolution (1024 x 768 pixels); the SL2U ColourView projects native SVGA resolution (800 x 600 pixels).

Both XL2U and SL2U ColourView projectors boast many advanced features such as Mitsubishi's exclusive ColourView Natural Colour Matrix, sRGB colour compliance, a sophisticated IRIS (Intelligent Room Illumination Sensor) control, and 3D CineView, as well as digital keystone adjustment, manual zoom and focus lens.

"We want our customers to get the most out of their projector investment," said Julian Lefebvre, Projector Marketing Manager at BDT Ltd, exclusive distributors for Mitsubishi Electric. "As an entry-level projector, the XL2U ColourView and SL2U ColourView increases purchasing power by offering 25 percent longer lamp life, along with Mitsubishi's typically outstanding projector performance."

The XL2U and SL2U ColourView projectors are fully compatible with Mitsubishi's new ProjectorView networking system, which connects its LCD projectors via an external serial-to-Ethernet translator. With ProjectorView, these projectors are instantly connected to a local area network through an assigned IP address, and can be controlled and monitored with a web browser from a node in the LAN or through the Internet. An authorised user can easily monitor lamp life, internal projector temperature, and other critical parameters remotely, making projector tracking and technical support easy and efficient. ProjectorView also allows the projector to be operated without a remote. In the classroom, where remotes can be easily lost or stolen, teachers can simply launch ProjectorView through a web browser for full operation and control.

One of Mitsubishi's latest innovations is 3D CineView, a proprietary video technology based on Mitsubishi television expertise. "When transforming film to electronic display, the resulting video is often compromised," says Lefebvre. "With 3D CineView, flickering, artefacts, crawling or blinking is significantly reduced, the image is as sharp and smooth as its native film format.

The XL2U and SL2U also offer users ultimate colour control and reproduction with ColourView Natural Colour Matrix, its 6-axis colour control function. Unlike any other projector, both display and print colour palettes can be independently adjusted like a graphic equaliser, offering presenters ultimate flexibility in creating more accurate colours and realistic images.

Mitsubishi projectors also have one of the best warranty programs in the presentation industry for LCD projectors. Unlike other manufacturers, the warranty lasts two years, including Express Replacement Assistance, which covers next business-day replacement for faulty units, delivered through leading express couriers. ERA is included for two years on all Mitsubishi models.

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