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The Mitsubishi Projector Anti-Theft Alarm Built-In

The Mitsubishi Projector Anti-Theft Alarm Built-In

Mitsubishi Electric, maker of award-winning, high-quality presentation and display products, today announced that its XL5950U LCD projector is the first conference or boardroom installation projector available in the market with a built-in motion-sensitive anti-theft alarm. The alarm is designed to deter projector theft from classrooms or other easy-access conference room settings.

The motion detector, built into the connector panel cover, is set manually by a key. Once the cover is installed and the safety key removed, the projector is automatically armed. If someone moves the projector, a loud and annoying 120-decibel high pitch alarm triggers, attracting attention and foiling a potential theft.

"Because conference rooms and lecture theatres are often left empty, projectors, in particular, are temptingly easy to steal," said Julian Lefebvre, projector product marketing for Mitsubishi Electric. "Our customers have been asking for this feature, as protecting their investment becomes an increasing concern. For that reason, our new XL5950U now includes an anti-theft device to help safeguard their assets from theft or vandalism".

The XL5950U offers 4700 ANSI lumens, and is the only projector of its class to provide both horizontal and vertical lens shift, offering extreme flexibility for most installations. Once the XL5950U is in place, the picture can be readjusted optically or digitally, regardless of the screen used, without taking the projector out of its mount.

"Our goal is to bring better projectors to market that meet our customers' needs," said Lefebvre. "And once again, we've outdone the market with the XL5950U."

"Mitsubishi wants to be the projector-of-choice in all major installations for board rooms, classrooms, auditoriums and churches," added Lefebvre. "The XL5950U provides high-end features typically found in bigger projectors, offered at a better price and in a smaller form factor. The XL5950U gives customers maximum return on their investment."

Other features of the XL5950U include a high contrast ratio, 600:1, and one of Mitsubishi's latest innovations, 3D CineView, a proprietary video technology based on Mitsubishi's television expertise. Flickering, artefacts, crawling or blinking are significantly reduced with 3D Cineview, producing an image as sharp and smooth as its native film format.

The upgraded Picture-in-Picture feature now offers two live images rather than just one. Unlike other projectors, each picture contains a simultaneous live feed from a computer and a video source, allowing users greater flexibility in creating their presentations.

The XL5950U is fully compatible with Mitsubishi's exclusive ProjectorView networking system, which connects its projectors via an external serial-to-Ethernet translator. With ProjectorView, the projectors are instantly connected to a local area network through an assigned IP address, and controlled and monitored with a web browser from a node in the LAN or through the Internet.

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