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SMART Technologies Inc. introduces two 84

SMART Technologies Inc. introduces two 84

SMART Technologies Inc. announces two new 84" (213.4 cm) In-Wall Rear Projection SMART Board™ interactive whiteboards, the 2960 and the 1910, the world’s largest rear-projection interactive whiteboards offered as standard shipping product. The 2960 and 1910 give users a 40 percent larger interactive display than the 72" (182.9 cm) In-Wall Rear Projection SMART Board 1810 and 2860 products from SMART. Both the 2960 and the 1910 feature a 4 x 3 aspect ratio.

With a computer image projected onto the screen surface, users simply touch to access and control any computer program. When a pen is selected from the SMART Pen Tray, users can write over top of applications and highlight information with electronic ink using the pen or their finger. Annotations can be edited, saved and printed for distribution to meeting attendees. In addition, the rear-projection setup allows users to work at the whiteboard without casting a shadow. The 2960 and 1910 use DViT™ (Digital Vision Touch) technology invented by SMART, and are the latest addition to SMART’s rear-projection line.

“Our customers have been asking for larger rear-projection interactive whiteboards,” says Nancy Knowlton, president and co-CEO of SMART. “The scalability of DViT technology now makes it possible for us to meet their needs while offering the same ease of use that customers have come to expect from SMART Board interactive whiteboards.”

In-Wall Rear Projection SMART Board 2960 interactive whiteboard
The 2960 includes the 84" interactive screen, SMART Mirror Stand, an XGA (1024 x 768) projector with a short-throw lens, the SMART Pen Tray, which holds an eraser and four pens that can write in electronic ink, and SMART Board software. The 2960 greatly simplifies in-wall installation by including all components as a single package. While most mirror stands require 5' to 6' (152 cm to 183 cm) behind a wall, the SMART Mirror Stand needs just over 3’ (97.3 cm).

In-Wall Rear Projection SMART Board 1910 interactive whiteboard
The 1910 includes the 84" interactive screen, the SMART Pen Tray, and SMART Board software. Customers can integrate the 1910 with their choice of projector and mirror stand.

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