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Rear Projection Whiteboard – Low Cost And Mobile

Rear Projection Whiteboard – Low Cost And Mobile

SMART Technologies Inc. announces the new low-cost, mobile, easy-to-use Rear Projection SMART Board 2000i interactive whiteboard to meet the needs of computer-using educators. Developed with educators’ input, the 2000i combines the benefits of a large (66"/168 cm diagonal), shadow-free, touch-sensitive display with a height-adjustable design. With an easy-to-turn handle, teachers can lower the screen from teaching height to one that is easily accessible for students of all ages, including those with special needs. With a grant from the SMARTer Kids Foundation, qualifying educational institutions in North America can purchase the 2000i for only US$9,749. The 2000i includes an integrated projector with an extended-life lamp as well as free software upgrades, further lowering the total cost of ownership.

The 2000i is the newest addition to SMART’s family of rear-projection products, and features the superior image quality and precise touch control of new DViT (digital vision touch) technology. With award-winning SMART Board software, teachers can access, control or write over top of any computer application – including Internet resources and CD-ROMs – and save these notes to a single file. Users simply pick up a stylus from the SMART Pen Tray and write over top of any application in electronic ink using either their finger or the stylus. No special tools or training are required to operate the 2000i.

“With the Rear Projection SMART Board 2000i interactive whiteboard, educators can now enjoy the benefits of rear projection at an affordable price,” says Nancy Knowlton, president and co-CEO of SMART. “The 2000i features an installed projector, which not only provides a shadow-free display, but also reduces set-up time and saves valuable space in the classroom.”

“The interactive display features of the 2000i help teachers deliver whole-class instruction that engages students’ attention and improves lesson retention,” says Jean Hugill, grade six teacher at Connaught Community School. “The 2000i’s height-adjustable feature also encourages students to practice active learning, as they are more willing to go to the front of the class to use the interactive whiteboard and share information with their peers.”

Features Integrated projector – The 2000i ships with an installed SVGA (800 x 600), 1600-lumen projector with a 4,000- hour lamp life. Customers have the option to upgrade to an XGA (1024 x 768), 2500-lumen projector for an additional charge. Easy-to-use controls – The 2000i provides a built-in audio system and integrated projector controls for convenient access from the front of the unit. Mobility – The 2000i’s large, lockable casters and lightweight design allow easy mobility from room to room, enabling teachers to share limited technology resources. The 2000i fits easily through a standard doorway. Storage and accessibility – Teachers can store the computer and peripherals on the bottom tray. Flexibility – Users can customize their 2000i to meet their specific needs through optional add-on features, including guest laptop support, room-control module and videoconferencing shelf. Free software upgrades – Free SMART Board software upgrades ensure that the latest whiteboarding functionality is available for classroom use.

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