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Sharps Projectors – Network Connectivity

Sharps Projectors – Network Connectivity

Sharp Electronics Corporation today introduced the AN-LS1 Ethernet to RS-232C Network Converter, an RS-232/LAN device that gives Sharp’s projector customers unfettered access to their corporate networks and greatly improved asset management capability.

Sharp’s AN-LS1 Network Converter allows users to connect Sharp projectors to a network through an RS-232 port. This greatly expands a user’s presentation capability by giving them real-time access to any data stored on the network. The AN-LS1 Network Converter also gives users greater control over their audiovisual assets, lowering their overall cost of ownership. Sharp customers can now either monitor and control the equipment from a remote central location or control the equipment locally via the AN-LS1’s RS-232C input. Improved asset management capability and improved presentation flexibility will benefit customers in the education, government, and corporate sectors.

The AN-LS1 Network Converter is small – about the size of a deck of cards – and compatible with Sharp Advanced Presentation Software which offers remote diagnostics and control. The AN-LS1 operates at 10BASE-T and is compatible with 100BASE-T networks.

“We’re giving our customers more control over their audiovisual assets,” said Dan Schinasi, Senior Product Manager, Sharp LCD Products Group. “The AN-LS1 is ideal for customers who manage a group of projectors over a wide area. It minimizes downtime and improves security by recognizing when a projector is no longer connected to the network or requires service.”

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