Sharp Notevision Projector
Sharp Notevision Projector – Unmatched Versatility

Sharp Notevision Projector – Unmatched Versatility

Sharp Electronics Corporation introduced its first sub-$1,000 Liquid Crystal Display projector, the Notevision B10S, offering a combination of brightness and versatility unmatched by any other projector in this emerging space. Sharp’s Notevision B10S offers a host of unique features, including variable horizontal/vertical/diagonal lens shift, a short-throw zoom lens, theft-deterrent capabilities, and extended lamp life.

The Notevision B10S is the latest “conference/classroom” entry in Sharp’s Value Series, which emphasizes ease-of-use, flexibility, and low cost of ownership. Offering 1200 ANSI Lumens brightness and native SVGA resolution in a compact 5.9lb. frame, the Notevision B10S is designed to delight first-time buyers, sales/marketing professionals, small business owners, corporate trainers, and customers in the education and government sectors.

One significant advantage is Image Alignment Control, a “variable horizontal/vertical/diagonal lens shift” feature that lets users manipulate the lens with a built-in joystick, easily shifting the image without having to move the projector. This feature ensures that end users can adjust the image in whatever direction is needed to match the contours of any presentation room. The Notevision B10S also offers “monitor loop out” capability – ideal for users, such as teachers, who wish to face their audience while presenting.

“The Notevision B10S really ups the ante in the sub-$1,000 category, giving users a combination of versatility and ease of use that is unmatched,” said Fred Krazeise, Director of Strategic Marketing for Sharp’s LCD Products Group. “The true value of this Value Series projector is not its price – though that’s certainly a bonus – but its low cost of ownership. In addition, the model is simple to operate. At Sharp, we help our customers get maximum value out their projectors with minimal effort. The presentation is what’s important, rather than the presentation equipment.”

Theft Deterrence
The Notevision B10S also features multiple theft-deterrent capabilities, including keypad startup code, keypad lockout, and an optional locking cable security system known as Notevision Lockdown. Keypad startup code activation is an optional anti-theft feature that prevents unauthorized use of the projector. Once the anti-theft function is activated, users need to enter the correct keycode each time the projector is turned on, or the projector will not operate.

Low Cost of Ownership
The Notevision B10S is designed to minimize total cost of ownershipvia Low Power Mode. Low Power Mode allows the projector to operate at reduced power, which extends lamp life and lowers fan noise from 35dB to a quiet 32dB. Low Power mode can also extend lamp life from 2000 hours (Standard Mode) – the longest standard lamp life at this price – to 4000 hours. 4000 hours of lamp life lets users save the money they would normally spend on new lamp purchases, the highest after-purchase cost associated with the life of a projector.

The Notevision B10S measures 3.6-inches (H) by 8.7-inches (D) by 11.6-inches (W). The projector is HDTV, DVD, VCR, and video game station-compatible and offers inputs including RGB, composite RCA, S-Video, and RS-232C. HDTV compatibility is highly unusual for a projector at this price point. The Notevision B10S is also “networkable” through its RS-232 input, using Sharp’s AN-LS1 Ethernet-to-RS-232C Network Converter, and comes equipped with sRGB color management, gamma adjust and multiple color temperature adjustments to sharpen color output, contrast and gradation.

The Notevision B10S includes a friendly graphical user interface menu screen that is icon-based and uses common terminology rather than technical jargon. Computer and video inputs are color-coded to simplify setup for users when connecting cables to a PC, Mac or Workstation.

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