Multi Media Projectors
Multi Media Projectors – An Impressive Package

Multi Media Projectors – An Impressive Package

Designed for settings that demand ease of use and low cost of ownership, the new Notevision C60 (XG-C60X) projector from Sharp Electronics Corporation packs 3,500 ANSI lumens brightness, power-saving features, and theft-deterrent capabilities into a slim, 11.3 lb. attaché-case frame. An impressive package of basic features makes this native-XGA addition to Sharp’s “Conference Series” ideal for installation in classrooms, conference rooms and collaborative work environments.

“Just about anyone can deliver an unforgettable presentation using the Notevision C60, whether they’re a first-time user or a seasoned A/V pro,” said Fred Krazeise, Director of Strategic Marketing for Sharp’s Information Systems Group. “This projector offers the very latest in imaging technology. But, advanced features are useless if they’re not easy to operate. We believe the combination of simplicity, functionality and low cost of ownership is something every customer appreciates.”

Teachers, business professionals, corporate trainers, government executives and other users will especially appreciate such ease-of-use features as ImageACE Resizing and autoSYNC, which ensure that projected images will always be the right size and shape regardless of signal source. The Notevision C60 was designed with color-coded terminal connections to simplify set-up and can be started or shut down in three quick steps. It also offers a quick-release mechanism that minimizes the time necessary to change lenses.

While easy to operate, the Notevision C60 is very difficult to steal. It comes equipped with a sturdy “Notevision Lockdown” bolt to mount the projector to the ceiling through its optical block, as well as “key code activation” to prevent unauthorized operation. Sharp also offers an optional ceiling mount cable lock system along with built-in Kensington Lock compatibility.

Sharp delivers a low cost of ownership over the lifespan of a projector – a fact that has contributed significantly to the company’s leadership position in the education, government and corporate markets. The Notevision C60’s Low Power Mode extends lamp life from 2,000 to 3,000 hours, helping users save money on new lamp purchases. This is the highest after-purchase ownership cost associated with projectors. Low Power Mode also significantly reduces fan noise and power consumption.

The Notevision C60 comes equipped with Sharp Advanced Presentation and Control Software, which allows one or more projectors to be connected to a PC for remote diagnostics and control. The software is designed to locate and self-diagnose system errors, then instantly send an alert to the control PC, or forward the error message email to a predetermined list. This helps expedite maintenance and minimize downtime. Plug compatibility with Sharp's AN-LS1 Extranet to RS-232C converter is also provided to enable system control and diagnostics over a Local Area Network.

For ease of integration, the Notevision C60 includes a remote IR receiver for forward/reverse presentation control (using the included wireless remote control), a RS-232C port, wired remote control capability, and output connectors both for RGB loop-through and selectable fixed or variable audio line-output.

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