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World's brightest ultra-compact, ultra-thin DLP projector

World's brightest ultra-compact, ultra-thin DLP projector

New PLUS U2-1080 XGA and PLUS U2-870 SVGA projectors are expected to set an entirely new performance standard for ultra-compact digital projectors when they are introduced to the world at the 1999 Infocomm conference and trade show;

Weighing 5.7 pounds and featuring an ultra-thin 2.28" profile, the PLUS U2-1080 XGA Digital Projector delivers an eye-popping 800 ANSI Lumens of brightness while the 5.6-pound PLUS U2-870 SVGA model delivers an equally stunning 700 ANSI lumens - while achieving superior image quality with high uniformity and contrast ratio.

Underscoring the growing capabilities of its advanced R&D laboratories and product development programs, PLUS Corporation today announced the market introduction of a new generation of ultra-compact and ultra-thin DLP_ Projectors designed to clearly establish a bold new benchmark for mobile presentation performance and value. The PLUS U2 Series of Digital Projectors - the world's brightest ultra-compact digital projectors weighing less than six pounds- will be unveiled next month at the 1999 Infocomm Show in Orlando, Florida at Booth #2321.

The new PLUS U2-1080 XGA and PLUS U2-870 SVGA Digital Projectors, which feature Digital Light Processing_ (DLP_) technology by Texas Instruments and the newly enhanced PLUS Optical Engine, weigh, respectively, 5.7 pounds (XGA model) and 5.6 pounds (SVGA model), measure 2.28" in "thinness," and deliver, respectively, 800 and 700 ANSI lumens of brightness. What's more, they both feature a 500:1 contrast ratio (full on/off), digital keystone correction, automatic adjustment set-up, manual and digital image zooming, new advanced compression technology, direct mouse control, freeze function, pick-mute function, quick-release adjustable feet, on-screen pointer, full function remote control with laser pointer - and a host of other features.

In addition, both new PLUS U2 Series Digital Projectors deliver a spectacularly clear, sharp image quality, due to the fact that they incorporate a fly-eye lens and the enhanced PLUS Optical Engine. What's more, both the PLUS U2-1080 XGA and PLUS U2-870 SVGA Digital Projectors set a new standard for compactness, measuring an incredibly small 2.28" (H) X 9.25" (W) X 11.69" (L).

"Until today, the decision to purchase an ultra-compact digital projector has presented inherent trade offs in performance quality for mobile presenters," today stated Tom Oishi, President of PLUS Corporation of America. "In exchange for enjoying the benefits of compactness, users were forced to accept lower levels of performance in the areas of brightness, image clarity and uniformity, and user options.

"Those days are now in the past. With the market introduction of the new PLUS U2 Series of ultra-compact, ultra-thin and ultra-light digital projectors, mobile presenters can have it all - truly heavyweight performance features and quality in the extremely compact case they increasingly require," he explained.

According to Oishi, the new U2-1080 XGA and U2-870 SVGA projectors will astound Infocomm show attendees with their image quality, clarity and uniformity. "We believe the PLUS U2 Series is in a class by itself when it comes to image superiority," he emphasized. "No other comparable projector can come close to matching the quality, clarity and uniformity of image these new projectors deliver. In every measurable respect, the new U2 Series makes superior performance quality a practical reality for quality conscious mobile computing and communications professionals."

Dennis Fritsche, Manager of Business Product Solutions at the Texas Instruments Digital Imaging Division -the group responsible for the development, manufacturing and marketing of DLP technology- today commented, "This is a very significant announcement by PLUS Corporation. It demonstrates once again the leadership that products using DLP technology have in the market for very small, very light projectors.

"Particularly noteworthy is the 'no compromise' approach PLUS has taken to the issue of image quality," he emphasized. "The combination of the PLUS Optical Engine and the inherent advantages of DLP technology has resulted in a new projector series that we expect will see substantial success in a rapidly growing market."

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