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Lightware Rear Projection – Expanded Product Line

Lightware Rear Projection – Expanded Product Line

Lightware, the leader in portable, affordable projection technology, is aggressively re-pricing its product offering providing new purchasing options for the end user, making projectors easily accessible and affordable to the consumer marketplace.

The microportable Scout and Scout 2000 are setting new industry standards at $2,195 and $1,995 respectively. At just $1,495, the award-winning VP800Plus is the first projector to break the $1,500 mark. And, the company's high-end L-1020Plus is being reduced by $1,000 to $2,995.

"In order to bridge the gap between the projector and consumer electronics markets, we must offer the end user a total value proposition: feature-rich, ultra- and microportable projectors at low prices," Jim Searles, senior vice president, sales and marketing, Lightware, said. "Lightware has always shaped the projector industry with our designs and pricing. Now, we are looking to dramatically expand the scope of our customer base by bringing prices to a new low. We expect our competitors to follow suit."

The VP800Plus, widely recognized as the best-selling projector in its category, provides full multimedia capability at just 9.3 pounds. Upside down and reverse imaging modes allow the 350-lumen SVGA projector to perform as a ceiling-mounted or rear projection unit.

For presenters on the go and full-time mobile professionals, Lightware is reducing the price on the entire family of microportable Scout projectors - now $1,995 to $2,495. The 5.3-pound multimedia Scout, $2,195, projects data and vivid video from almost any source. Two 2-watt speakers provide stereo sound. At $1,995, the Scout 2000 offers people with multimedia-equipped laptops the option of a data-only projector in a 4.9-pound package. In June, Lightware will present a new high performance Scout XL at just $2,495.

At the top of Lightware's product line is the 800 lumen L-1020. A zoom lens, customizable logos, storage for five display settings and crisp native XGA resolution round out the unit - great for the boardroom or the living room.

Lightware offers consumers compelling options in how they purchase. All Lightware products can be purchased direct from the manufacturer at and be delivered the next day. The "Try Before You Buy" program offers rental units for $99 per day. The first two days of rental fees can then be applied to the price of the projector. Lightware's exclusive leasing program allows small business and SOHO professionals to work out the payment plan that best fits their budget.

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