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World's brightest sub-6lb. microportable digital projector debuted by Plus Corporation

World's brightest sub-6lb. microportable digital projector debuted by Plus Corporation

Underscoring its commitment to meet the user requirements of mobile communications professionals everywhere, be they on the road or running from room to room, PLUS Corporation today announced the immediate expansion of its popular PLUS U2 Series of digital projectors with the introduction of two new enhanced XGA models that deliver best in class performance and value.

At the INFOCOMM 2000 Show opening today in Anaheim, California, PLUS is debuting the new PLUS U2-1130 XGA and PLUS 1110 XGA Digital Projectors, delivering, respectively, 1300 and 1100 ANSI lumens of brightness. The development of the new U2-1130 XGA digital projector marks another milestone in PLUS Corporation's history of presentation product innovation. The U2-1130 is believed to be the world's brightest microportable digital projector in the sub-6lb. category.

According to PLUS, the ability to achieve higher outputs of brightness and finer image quality resolution in a microportable projector has been achieved by combining the capabilities of Digital Light Processing_ technology by Texas Instruments with the unique technical expertise of PLUS and its patented PLUS Optical Engine.

"Just as PLUS has redefined the definition of what is state-of-the-art for truly mobile communications professionals with the debut of the world's first sub-3lb. series of digital projectors at INFOCOMM 2000, we are equally committed to meeting the enhanced user requirements of professionals who work in other room-to-room and mobile environments," PLUS Corporation President Tom Oishi said today. "The enhanced and expanded U2 Series delivers a wider range of configurations for professionals to choose from. The higher outputs of brightness from the U2-1130 and U2-1110 projectors, together with already-established superior image quality PLUS digital projectors are known for, means that we can deliver new level of quality performance and value for professionals who work in room-to-room and mobile environments."

According to Sherel Horsley, Senior Vice President and Product Manager at the Texas Instruments Digital Imaging Division, "This announcement of enhancements to the PLUS U2 Series, together with their simultaneous announcement of the breakthrough PLUS U3 Series of projectors, gives PLUS an extraordinarily attractive product line-up in this rapidly growing segment of the market. Once again, PLUS Corporation's expertise and the unparalleled ability of DLP_ technology to enable optimum combinations of light weight and high brightness looks as if it will prove a winner."

The new PLUS U2-1130 and U2-1110 XGA Digital Projectors both feature Digital Light Processing_ technology by Texas Instruments, weigh 5.7 and 5.6 pounds, measure 2.3" thin, and feature a 800:1 full on/off contrast ratio. Both also include the patented PLUS Optical Engine, advanced compression technology, full function remote control with laser pointer, digital keystone correction, automatic adjustment set-up, x1.2 manual and x4 digital zoom, freeze frame and pic mute, built-in direct mouse control, quick release adjustable feet, and a rugged magnesium alloy case that's designed to stand up to the punishment that often occurs to projectors when they are on the road.

Every PLUS U2 Series Digital Projector comes packaged as a complete system solution. All of the cables, adapters, batteries, as well as remote control and soft carrying case, are included to ensure that communications professionals can start making complete presentations as soon as they open up the box.

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