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Leader In The Projector Industry – Lightware

Leader In The Projector Industry – Lightware

Lightware, the leader in portable, affordable projection technology, has introduced the Traveler, a lightweight, 1,000-lumen projector for executives and mobile professionals on the go. Weighing 5.6 pounds and affordably priced at $3495.00, the Traveler brings a balance of performance and value to the projector industry.

Featuring native XGA resolution and Digital Light Processing technology to project video, data and graphics with sharp contrast and vivid image quality, the Traveler has a 150-watt lamp with a 1,000-hour bulb life, accommodating even the brightest lighting conditions.

"Our goal is to continue to provide high performance, affordable solutions in each portable projector category," Mark Hand, vice president, sales and marketing, Lightware, said. "The Traveler is the latest product in our line to offer a unique blend of form, functionality, quality and portability."

A new HyperZoom feature gives presenters the ability to enlarge tiny details on the presentation screen, drawing attention to key messages and making ideas and information clearer and more impactful. Traveler also sports manual focus, zoom and digital keystone correction functionality. A 3-in-1 remote manages projector settings, PC mouse commands and includes a laser pointer.

The Traveler is compatible with all common video standards and includes automatic sensing electronics to detect the video source, allowing users to effortlessly switch between PCs, DVDs, digital camcorders and TVs.

For more information, about projectors and digital projection devices see digital projectors.

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