Projectors For PDAs – Perfect Presentation

Projectors For PDAs – Perfect Presentation

A new presentation solution from Lightware, the leader in ultraportable, affordable projection technology, and mobile computing specialist MARGI Systems brings a complete presentation projection package, weighing in under six pounds, to Handspringä Visorä PDA users who need to give presentations on the go.

Connecting Lightware's 5.6-pound, 1,000-lumen Traveler or 5.3-pound, 800-lumen Scout XL multimedia projector to Handspring's 5.4-ounce Visorä via the Presenter-to-Go Springboardä expansion pack from MARGI Systems allows traveling executives, sales people and road warriors to project rich presentations to their audiences without the additional weight and worry of carrying a notebook computer.

"Mobile executives, sales professionals and trainers on the go need a presentation system that is as light as possible," Mark Hand, president and COO, Lightware, said. "Working with MARGI Systems and Handspring, this product combination represents the future of light, bright professional presentation technology. We think it could revolutionize the usage of projectors and PDAs in the corporate market."

Presenter-to-Go incorporates desktop software to create presentation materials from any printable program, such as Microsoft PowerPoint or HTML Web pages. After performing a HotSyncä between their PC and Visor, presenters simply connect the PDA to any one of Lightware's ultraportable projectors. Included software for the PDA allows presenters to rearrange slides on the go.

"Lightware has continuously taken the first step in adopting new technologies for its presentation solutions," Greg Springer, vice president, marketing, MARGI Systems, said. "Lightware's dedication to advancing the ultraportable projector market matches perfectly with our vision for the Presenter-to-Go and with Handspring's accomplishments and plans for the future of PDAs. Together, we are well positioned to reach mobile professionals throughout the country."

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