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Lightware unveils 1,100 Lumen, 5.6-pound projector for less than $2,500

Lightware unveils 1,100 Lumen, 5.6-pound projector for less than $2,500

Lightware, the leader in portable, affordable projection technology, is broadening its product line with the introduction of a 1,100-lumen, 5.6-pound SVGA multimedia projector. Priced at just $2,495, the new Lightware Traveler CS-11 offers mobile executives, educators and government agencies a versatile projector and the industry's best value proposition in the ultraportable projector category.

Based on Texas Instruments' Digital Light Processing technology, Lightware's Traveler CS-11 allows users to project video, data and graphics with deep color saturation and sharp contrast. The Traveler CS-11 runs on a 150-watt bulb capable of projecting crisp images for more than 1,000 hours.

"The Traveler CS-11 is just the kind of workhorse projector our customers have come to expect from Lightware: a high performance product that travels anywhere, at an aggressive price point," Mark Hand, president and COO, Lightware, said. "We continuously strive to offer great projectors with the best overall value in the industry, and this product clearly delivers on this commitment."

Additional features include HyperZoom, which allows presenters to enlarge tiny images on the presentation screen, making key messages and data points more memorable and impactful. Automatic sensing electronics, manual focus, zoom and digital keystone correction round out the CS-11's feature set. An included 3-in-1 remote allows presenters to manage projector settings, switch between PC and video inputs seamlessly during a presentation and have full mouse control from your PC.

The Traveler CS-11 is compatible with all common video standards.

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