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Lightware breaks price barriers

Lightware breaks price barriers

Lightware, the leader in portable, affordable projection technology, is announcing the price drop on two 5.6-pound ultraportable projectors, making them substantially lower in price than the nearest competitive product. Based on Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing™, the 1000 lumen XGA Traveler and 1100 lumen SVGA Traveler CS-11 are just $2,995 and $1,995 respectively. Both come equipped with full multimedia capabilities, providing mobile executives, sales professionals, government employees and educators with a powerful presentation tool designed to travel with ease.

With lumen ratings of over 1000, the Traveler series projectors are well suited for board or conference room presentations and classroom usage, and at 5.6 pounds are easy to share within an office or school or take on the road. At $2,995 and $1,995, these products are priced to sell and are affordable for any business including SOHO as well as the education and government markets.

"Although projection technology has become mainstream in business, government and education, many organizations still view the necessary equipment as a budget breaker," said Mark Hand, president and COO of Lightware. "We're excited to let organizations know they can afford high-quality, bright and portable projectors from Lightware backed by a firm commitment to customer service and support. Lightware is unique in that we sell direct to end users and have taken a position as the leader in passing on manufacturing savings to our customers."

The Traveler Series projectors include a HyperZoom feature giving presenters the ability to enlarge tiny details on the presentation screen, drawing attention to key messages and making ideas and information clearer and more impactful. The Traveler series also sports manual focus, manual and digital zoom and digital keystone correction functionality. A 3-in-1 remote manages projector settings, PC mouse commands and includes a laser pointer.

The Traveler Series projectors are compatible with all common video standards and can connect to virtually any video source, allowing users to effortlessly switch between PCs, DVDs, digital camcorders and TVs.

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