Large Screen Presentation
Large Screen Presentation – Innovative Projector Solution

Large Screen Presentation – Innovative Projector Solution

Lightware, the leader in ultraportable, affordable projection technology and PLUS Corporation of America, the leader in innovative projection solutions, today announces the PLUS Lightware Series V-1080 (XGA 1024x768 Resolution) and the PLUS Lightware Series V-807 (SVGA 800x600 Resolution) personal projectors. With a footprint the size of your daily planner, the ultra-compact 2-pound projectors are the lightest and smallest in the world.

Featuring Texas Instrument's Digital Light Processing technology, the 800-lumen, personal PLUS Lightware Series V-1080 and V-807 incorporate a host of features to provide mobile presenters with a powerful tool for all occasions. Four-way digital keystone correction (both vertical and horizontal) and a short-focus lens allow users to project large-screen presentations anywhere, even in cramped spaces, with ease.

The PLUS Lightware Series V-1080 and V-807 support the latest video standards with 480p, 780p and 1080i High Definition imaging. The Digital Video Interface (DVI) allows for digital-to-digital image reproduction, while the progressive scan converter provides vivid video image quality. Picture-in-picture functionality, digital zoom and a 600:1 contrast ratio round out multimedia features.

"Lightware pioneered the ultraportable projector category while PLUS took the industry lead in projection technology innovation. Together, we're creating next generation presentation solutions," S. Mark Hand, president, Lightware, said. "Our goal is to make these solutions attainable for everyone - to provide our customers with their own personal projectors."

Incorporating proprietary optical technology developed and engineered by PLUS, both the V-1080 and V-807 will be marketed and sold under the new PLUS Lightware Series brand.

"PLUS Corp. has chosen this opportunity to introduce our new PLUS Lightware Series brand projectors with this groundbreaking projection technology," Tom Oishi, president, PLUS Corp. of America, said. "The Lightware brand is synonymous with portability and for delivering superb value. PLUS Corporation sees this as the ideal product to extend this market position and a great opportunity to expand our own market share through the Lightware brand name."

The V-1080 and V-807 ship with all necessary data, video and audio cables, a full-function remote control and soft carrying case.

For more information, about projectors and digital projection devices see video projector.

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