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Home Theater Projector Large Screen Home Viewing

Home Theater Projector Large Screen Home Viewing

Having advanced the state of the art in business mobile projectors by pioneering innovations in micro-miniaturization as well as in leading-edge video technology, color designing, and noise reduction technology, PLUS now brings all these qualities to the home theatre market. The PLUS HE-3100 Home Projector is the world&'s smallest, lightest digital projector for high-quality, large-screen home viewing.

The revolutionary new HE-3100 Home Projector is on display at INFOCOMM 2001 Booth #13060, at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Measuring just 9.3 in. wide by 7.8 in. deep by 3.6 in. high and weighing just 4.4 lb., the HE-3100 Home Projector can be maneuvered easily to make any location in the home a movie theatre-like viewing experience. Home viewers will enjoy high-quality, large-screen viewing thanks to a number of special features with the PLUS Home Projector:

- High contrast ratio of 600:1, based on single-chip Digital Light Processing technology developed by Texas Instruments, provides the best-quality pictures for movie watching.

- High-speed RGB sequential lighting has been improved four times through the use of

- TI&'s new DLP Widescreen Component Set, which features a native 848 x 480 resolution-mode chip, the 480P, and support for a 240 Hz color scan rate. By taking advantage of the 240 Hz color scan rate from the new DLP Widescreen Component Set, the new HE-3100 is able to deliver the high-quality video images home theatre viewers require, and longer movies will be much easier on the eyes.

- High-performance progressive scanning converter makes DVD 3-2 pull down detection possible and vivid and high-quality images very realistic.

- Superior movie quality is made possible by the extremely fast response of the Digital Micromirror Device at the heart of DLP technology, which also enables the smooth imaging of constantly fast-moving events such as sports matches.

- Superior fan noise reduction to 33 dB ensures distraction-free listening during a movie, especially during intense scenes calling for completely focused attention.

The HE-3100 features a short-focus lens, which enables a perfectly formed image of 36 in. diagonal to be projected from a very short distance of 3.9 ft. (extending to a maximum image of 200 in. diagonal at a projection distance of 22.3 ft.). As a result, the HE-3100 will provide an optimal home theatre viewing experience that can be enjoyed in any size room in the house, from the family den to a child&'s bedroom and enhanced in all cases by a brightness level of 450 ANSI Lumens.

Special features also include inputs for a wide selection of video signals for a number of viewing options, including DVI-D input for a computer signal, a composite, S-Video and component inputs for video signals. Moreover, the HE-3100 comes as a complete package that includes a compact and easy-to-use remote control, all required connector cables, and a soft carrying case.

"Drawing on all our experience and advances as the pioneer in the development of ultra-portable business mobile projectors, PLUS Corporation has brought the world&'s smallest and lightest home entertainment projector to the marketplace, stated PLUS Corporation of America President Tom Oishi. "Home viewers will now be able to enjoy high-quality image presentation that is the culmination of the successful development of high-quality video technology, color designing and noise reduction technology by PLUS, in combination with advances in DLP technology for widescreen home theatre projection from Texas Instruments.

Moreover, with micro-miniaturization that was formerly the sole province of the business market moving into consumer designs, Oishi forecasted, "Projectors will increasingly become a component of a complete home entertainment system.

"We&'re delighted that PLUS is among the first companies to leverage the capabilities of our recently announced DLP Widescreen Component Set, said Dale Zimmerman, Product Manager for Home Entertainment Products at the DLP Products Division of Texas Instruments. "We expect to see strong demand for the PLUS HE-3100 from consumers who are looking for outstanding image quality at a very affordable price. DLP technology is establishing a leadership position in this rapidly expanding market segment.

The debut of the HE-3100 Home Projector is but the latest in a series of milestone introductions from Japan's #1 DLP projector manufacturer. These include: the UP Series of sub-10-lb. digital projectors in 1998, followed by the U2 Series of sub-6-lb. digital projectors in 1999 and the U3 Series of sub-3-lb., "palm-sized digital projectors in 2000.

Coincident with the debut of the HE-3100 Home Projector at this year&'s INFOCOMM, PLUS Corporation is also introducing its revolutionary V Series the world&'s first 2-lb. digital projectors and a new and improved U3 Series of 3-lb. digital projectors, which deliver 1,000 ANSI Lumens of brightness.
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