Plus Vision Projector 3 Pound Projectors

Plus Vision Projector 3 Pound Projectors

PLUS Vision Corporation of America, the leader in projector miniaturization technology, announces the addition of four new models to its popular 3-pound line of projectors. The four U3-W projectors feature the new "bright mode" function. When in "bright mode," the units project monochrome images at more than double the lumens of the existing U3 line, changing the standard 1000 lumens to 2200 lumens. With the addition of the new U3-W models, PLUS Vision provides its customers with the most choices in ultraportable projectors.

The new feature is designed to give mobile executives more flexibility in a unit that remains lightweight, but powerful enough for use with demanding visuals in virtually any lighting situation. For example, when displaying fine characters or numerals in a spreadsheet, the U3-W's additional brightness will help produce a clear, readable image, improving productivity and reducing eyestrain.

"Our customers like the quality and mobility of our 3-pound line, which offer a bright and crisp image suitable for almost any presentation from conference rooms to classrooms," said S. Mark Hand, vice-president of sales and marketing for PLUS Vision Corp. of America. "However, when displaying very fine monochrome characters, such as mathematical explanations or financials in a spreadsheet, customer feedback indicates the need for even greater brightness.

"PLUS Vision developed the U3-W series based on this user feedback, offering a solution that allows customers to achieve 2200 lumens for these specific uses, without having to purchase a heavier unit," Hand continued.

Within the series, PLUS Vision provides even more flexibility and options by offering both a zoom and a fixed-focus option, which is best suited for presentations in small rooms. They are also available in SVGA and XGA models.

The U3-W projectors feature:

  • Auto-adjustment - The projector automatically adjusts the phase, clock speed, and resolution of RGB signals from the PC.

  • Auto Setup - The projector can automatically judge an RGB or video input source for projection.

  • Easy-to-use image setup functions.

  • Auto Gain - The projector automatically adjusts the input source signal level.

  • One-touch tilt - You can adjust an image to an appropriate height with a button on the top of the unit.

  • Digital Keystone Correction

  • Digital Zoom

  • 650:1 Contrast Ratio

The four new projectors in the U3-W series projectors range in price from $2,445 to $3, 895 depending upon resolution and focus options. The units can be pre-viewed at

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