Compact Flash Card
Compact Flash Cards – Three Pound Projectors

Compact Flash Cards – Three Pound Projectors

PLUS Vision Corporation of America, the leader in projector miniaturization technology, announced today the new U4-136, a 1500 lumen XGA projector, and the U4-112, a 1300 lumen, SVGA projector. Both models feature zoom lenses; the U4-136 also features CompactFlash card support, an important laptop-free feature for mobile professionals. With the introduction of these two models, Plus Vision is expanding its U4 series of projectors in the three-pound category. Versatile, feature-packed, DLP projectors, the U4 series is ideal for boardroom, classroom, or mobile presentations.

Based on Texas Instruments' next generation Digital Light Processing™ chip technology and coupled with additional proprietary technology from PLUS, the U4-136 and the U4-112 feature high-contrast, life-like colors and images. Both projectors offer a 1500 hour lamp and an "EcoMode" option to extend lamp life more than 30 percent (up to 2000 hours). The two projectors further offer whisper-quiet performance.

"Our development team has done a tremendous job of significantly expanding functionality in these new U4 projectors, while maintaining our signature small size," said S. Mark Hand, vice president, sales and marketing for PLUS Vision Corporation. "CompactFlash card support enables the user to make presentations without hooking into a computer. The zoom lens feature is another example of the expanded versatility of these new projectors, making them great installation solutions for the boardroom or classroom."

To meet the needs of the mobile presenter, the U4 series offers digital zoom, digital keystone correction, and a presentation timer. The timer can be set for presentation times of 10 to 60 minutes in 10-minute increments. It features an indicator that displays the remaining time for the presentation on screen. The PLUS U4 projectors also support the latest in video standards, including 480p, 780p and 1080i High Definition imaging. Additionally, they allow for DVI (pure digital signaling), RGB (data), component and composite inputs (video), thereby enabling any multi-media presentation or video viewing.

The addition of the CompactFlash card support to the U4-136 allows mobile professionals to pre-record PowerPoint™ presentations onto a CompactFlash card, enabling quality, "laptop-free" presentations.

Both new projectors come standard with all necessary data, video and audio cables, a full-function credit-card-styled remote control and a soft carrying case, fulfilling every requirement for effective presentations.

For more information, about projectors and digital projection devices see infocus digital home projector.

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